Live Your Truth

~ Coach Jenni

Learn How!

Live Your Truth

~ Coach Jenni

Learn How!


Ask yourself..?

Do you love going to work?

Or are your great wage and benefits keeping you trapped in an unsatisfying job?

"I can't leave. Where will I be able to start with this much vacation again? And who'll hire me now, at my age? But I hate going to work everyday."

Feel familiar?

Quit sitting in your unnecessary, unhappy rut.

There are many opportunities for you to have a happy work life WITH great pay and benefits.

It is your own head that is keeping you from your best work life.

Do you want to stay stuck in this space?

Or do you want to be excited to go to work during your last working years?

Call me for Career Transition Life Coaching.

There's an employer waiting to pay you the wage and benefits you want - for the job you love.

Coaching Packages

Ask yourself..?

"Are you willing to stay on your current path, or does it need to get worse?"
"If you were to fully live your life today, what is the first change you would make?"
"Are you happy in your work?...because you need to be to be your best self!"
"What one thing could you change today, to live your life more fully?"
"How much thought have you given to what your life’s purpose is?"
"Do you believe it’s the right time to explore your life’s purpose and how your work life fits with it? "

New Perspective

  • Three 50-Minute sessions
  • Three Wrap-up emails with your customized actions-steps as weekly reminders toward your goals

Take Your Next Step

Clear View

  • Six 50-Minute sessions
  • Six Wrap-up emails with your customized actions-steps as weekly reminders toward your goals

Take Your Next Step

Laser Focus

  • Nine 50-Minute sessions
  • Nine Wrap-up emails with your customized actions-steps as weekly reminders toward your goals

Take Your Next Step


Fitbit for Contentment - Need to Measure Yours?

Published On: 2016-05-23 22:35:56

So many people wear Fitbits today. When I spend time with these folks, I often feel and hear their discontentment. I feel and hear their sadness. I feel and hear their anxieties and fears.

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About Coach Jenni

"The truth is folks, it you are not doing the work you love, you are, in effect, ripping-off-the-world of your unique gifts." ~coach jenni

44% of the workforce regularly loses sleep worrying about work. We spend 1/3 of our lives at work – we should enjoy it! People striving to work as their best selves inspire me!

I spent four years deteriorating in a position myself. Although I worked for a generous employer, I allowed the stress of my position to shrink my spirit, which then eroded my decision-making ability. I stopped functioning as my best self and my attitude plummeted. My own transformation to live my truth opened the space for me to help others find work that draws out their best selves.

This experience moved me to start, Live Your Truth Career Life Coaching, LLC. My HR experience combined with my personal return to truth and Certification in Career Transition Coaching, allow me to help you live your truth doing work you love.

Did you wake up dreading work today? Do you need to feel worse before you are willing to change it? Career Coaching helps you: identify the work you were meant to do, find the company culture you will thrive in, and utilize tools to find the work you love. I will create your most effective resume, role-play to craft your best interview, then give you tools to find your perfect work.

My ideal client is tired of being unhappy at work and is ready to commit to improving their lives. They know if they do not make a change, they will stay in the same old hamster wheel. They are ready to devote the energy needed to discover their fear barriers, develop a plan, and do the work.

I am a natural people connector. I believe we are all each other’s co-creators at all times and I regularly connect friends and colleagues, particularly with diverse backgrounds.

What are clients saying..?

‘Jenni has a real gift for coaching – she’s a natural. She communicates very clearly and directly, she’s very articulate. She is friendly and professional, putting me at ease with her from the first moment. There’s a familiar structure to every session, but she is genuine and lets the session evolve naturally, so the session just flows rather than feeling like required elements being checked off. Being coached by Jenni is a pleasure and I am deriving real benefit from it.’
‘Jenni is very approachable and establishes a safe, open environment for coaching’.
‘Jenni did an excellent job of defining the coaching experience and keeping the discussions focused. She is very objective and helps drive toward commitment to improve a focus on specific goals. It was very helpful to walk with her.’
‘I feel more tuned in to and mindful of how my thoughts effect my actions. Also, I am reminded that some simple daily communication with my spouse can be a positive step toward the next day’s team effort in realizing my goal.’
‘Jenni's listening skills are so astute, she listens for the pain underneath the surface - beyond the words spoken’

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  • What is the one thing you would change today in order to live your life more fully?

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